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Blumhardt Equipment
Planter / Grain Drill Fertilizer Manifold Kits
Fertilizer Tube Holders & Manifold Tube Lines
Fertilizer Orifices / Nozzle Accessories
Cultivator / Disk Kits

Band Spray Kits
Fertilizer Tank Units
SFP – Avail – Phosphorus
AVAIL Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer
is a unique formulation designed to minimize fixation and maximize your fertilizer investment.

By shielding applied phosphorus from the elements that lock it in the soil, more of it is kept available to the growing plant. This added efficiency can lead to healthier plants, more flexibility in your application schedule and better overall value from your fertilizer investment.
Fluid Journal Online – publication of ‘Fluid Fertilizer Foundation: Solutions for Agriculture’

Purpose: to develop and advance innovative, profitable and agronomically sound fluid fertilizer application techniques and nutrient management systems for modern high yielding production systems.
Fluid Journal Online
Fluid Fertilizer Foundation
Ag PhD TV began in April 1998. Weekly ½ hour show on RFD-TV covering topics such as: how to pick the right herbicides for your farm, how to better fertilize your crops, and how to stop those yield-robbing insects and diseases.
No-Till Farmer – Celebrating 40 Years
Website and monthly newsletter focusing on the eve- expanding use of no-till techniques and practices.
Strip-Till Farmer & Strip-Till Strategies
This new Web Site offers feature articles, videos, news and important information about strip-till practices to help farmers be more successful and profitable.Strip-Till Farmer
Strip-Till Strategies,-2012.php
Corn Insect Pests – A Diagnostic Guide
This publication aids in the identification of more than 20 of the most important insect pests in corn in the north-central United States. Identification is based on symptoms of crop injury rather than insect taxonomy.
A Comprehensive Guide for Troubleshooting Problems in Corn
This guide was prepared to help growers and crop advisors identify problems found in corn fields so that proper corrective measures can be taken to insure as successful production as possible. For any corrective action to be successful, early detection is essential.
Interactive Soybean Diagnostic Guide
A properly designed integrated crop management program uses field-specific information acquired through scouting to protect soybean plants from pests and other stresses. Accurate identification of crop pests and stresses is an essential part of management decision-making. This diagnostic guide is a comprehensive and systematic approach to identification of soybean production problems.

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