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Lawn Ornaments Blog

Lawn Ornaments Blog

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Tips to Care For Your Concrete Lawn Ornament

A coat of clear sealer made specifically for concrete will keep the colors bright and clean. I strongly recommend a “breathable” sealer. Concrete will absorb moisture, once moisture is in, it must come out. If the sealer is not breathable, the moisture will become trapped and will push on the paint allowing it to “pop off.” The paint we use is NOT compatible to lacquer or solvent based sealers. These types of sealers will affect the durability of the paint.

Set your items on a well-drained surface (pebble rock, patio blocks, etc.) rather than directly on the ground. This will prevent the concrete from soaking up moisture – a common cause of peeling paint. Wood chips hold moisture, therefore are not recommended – for wood chip covered areas use a patio block to set the concrete lawn ornament.

Lawn Ornaments should be taken inside during the Winter. If this is not possible, cover in such a manner that water and snow cannot collect in crevices. A piece that is subjected to moisture and freezing may begin to deteriorate. If you use a plastic covering, do not make it air tight, as “sweating” and peeling may result.

Posted by Carol Willenborg on December 4, 2013

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